Without diploma? How to Become a Receiving Driver

Without Training and Without a diploma? How to Become a Receiver Driver in France?

It is possible to become a Receiving Driver or Receiving Driver without a diploma or specific training. Indeed, to practice this profession, all you need is to have the driving license corresponding to the type of vehicle you wish to drive (bus, tram, metro, etc.) and to be in good physical condition and able to the driving.

What are the conditions to be respected to practice this profession without diplomas? Without training?

To practice the profession of Receiving Driver or Receiving Driver without a diploma or training, it is necessary to respect the following conditions:

– Be at least 21 years old
– Have a valid driving license corresponding to the type of vehicle you wish to drive
– Have good physical and mental condition
– Have demonstrated driving ability during a medical examination
– Hold a professional driver’s card issued by the prefecture

However, it is recommended to follow training to acquire the knowledge necessary to practice this profession.

+description in French of the profession concerned+
The job of Receiving Driver consists of driving a public transport vehicle (bus, tram, metro, etc.) and ensuring the sale and validation of transport tickets to passengers. He may also be responsible for welcoming travelers, announcing stations or stops, and ensuring passenger safety.

+The conditions of access to the training+the prerequisites and complete and detailed information to access each training or diploma. Can we do a VAE? If yes how?+

There are several training courses allowing you to become a receiving driver, such as:

– The professional title of Road Passenger Transport Driver (level V)
– The professional title of Public Transport Driver on the Road (level V)
– The CAP Road Driver, Goods or Traveler (level V)

The prerequisites for access to these training courses are generally the driving license corresponding to the type of vehicle to be driven, a minimum educational level (CAP, BEP, BAC), and a good knowledge of the French language.

The Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) is also possible to obtain a diploma, providing proof of significant professional experience in the field of public transport.

+What is the median salary in France and other European countries.+
In France, the median salary of a receiving driver is around 1 euros gross per month. This salary may vary depending on region, employer, experience and benefits. In other European countries, salaries may also vary depending on the country and working conditions.

Description of the job of Receiving driver / Receiving driver

The profession of Receiving Driver consists of driving coaches or buses for urban or interurban public transport. Drivers may work for transport companies or local authorities. Their job is to take passengers from one place to another while respecting schedules and safety rules. In addition to driving, drivers are responsible for receiving tickets, selling tickets, assisting passengers when needed, and maintaining the vehicle.

Conditions of access to training

The profession of Receiving driver does not require a specific diploma, but specific training is required to be able to practice the profession. The conditions for access to the training consist of:

    • Having 21 years minimum
    • Have held a driving license for at least 3 years
    • Be medically fit to drive a public transport vehicle
    • Hold the CAP or BEP

Prerequisites and complete and detailed information to access each training or diploma

To become a receiving driver, it is necessary to follow specific training. The most common training courses are:

Compulsory minimum initial training (FIMO)

FIMO is compulsory training for all freight or passenger transport drivers. It validates the knowledge necessary for professional practice in complete safety.

Certificate of professional passenger transport capacity

The certificate of professional capacity for passenger transport is a training course which validates the knowledge necessary to practice the profession of Receiving driver.

Professional title – Road public transport driver

The professional title Public Transport Driver on the Road aims to train future recipient drivers to carry out their mission in complete safety, while respecting traffic rules, road safety, timetables and customers.

Validation of acquired experience (VAE)

Validation of acquired experience is a system that allows a person to demonstrate their professional skills acquired through experience to obtain a diploma. To access this option, professional experience of at least three years is required.

Median salary in France and other European countries

The median salary for a Receiver Driver is around €1 per month in France. Salary may vary depending on experience, region and employer.

In Europe, Receiver Drivers are also well paid with median salaries ranging from €1 in Germany to €800 in Switzerland.

The tasks of a receiving driver

– Drive a bus or coach while respecting timetables and traffic rules
– Ensure the safety and comfort of passengers
– Carry out transport ticket sales operations
– Assist passengers with their requests for information or information
– Perform vehicle maintenance

Definition of technical skills / Names of diplomas

1. Ability to drive a public transportation vehicle
Example: “With my experience as a heavy goods vehicle driver, I am able to drive a bus while respecting safety rules and timetables, without endangering the lives of passengers. »

2. Mastery of cash register procedures and operations
Example: “Thanks to my sales training, I am able to carry out sales operations in the vehicle checkout, which ensures optimal quality of service for passengers. »

3. Sense of communication
Example: “I am able to establish contact with passengers to meet their needs while respecting driving and safety rules. »

4. Knowledge of security management processes
Example: “Through my safety management training, I have acquired the knowledge necessary to ensure passenger safety and comfort while operating a bus safely. »

5. Ability to manage conflict
Example: “I know how to react in the event of conflict or disagreement with passengers to resolve problems and difficult situations calmly and professionally. »

6. Knowledge of road safety rules
Example: “I am able to respect road safety rules in all circumstances and to drive with respect for other road users. »

7. Knowledge of the regulations in force in the profession
Example: “Thanks to my professional training, I am able to know the standards and regulations in force in my sector, which allows me to respect the rules regarding safety and organization. »

8. Ability to assist passengers
Example: “I am able to help passengers on board the vehicle, whether to inform them about timetables, routes or to help them get on or off. »

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