Without diploma? How to Become a Works Engineer

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Without Training and Without a diploma? How to Become a Works Engineer in France?

Becoming a works engineer without a diploma is difficult but not impossible. Here are some ways to get there:

  • Professional training: It is possible to train alternately with a professionalization contract or an apprenticeship contract to acquire the skills necessary for this profession.
  • The VAE: The Validation of Acquired Experience makes it possible to validate the skills acquired through experience and can give access to diploma training.
  • The gateway: Some schools and training courses offer a gateway for people without a diploma to join engineering training.

What are the conditions to be respected to practice this profession without diplomas? Without training?

The job of Works Engineer consists of designing and ensuring the technical implementation of construction projects. The conditions for practicing this profession without a diploma or training are very rare. However, here is some information to access it with diplomas or training:

  • To access the profession of Works Engineer, it is essential to have a diploma equivalent to Bac+5 in construction or civil engineering (DUT, BTS, License, Master, Engineer).
  • The prerequisites for access to the different training courses or diplomas necessary for this profession vary depending on the schools and training courses.
  • It is possible to do a VAE to validate your acquired knowledge and obtain the required diploma. This process takes time and requires proof of significant professional experience related to the profession.
  • The gross median salary for a works engineer in France is €42 per year (excluding benefits and bonuses). This salary varies depending on experience, region and sector of activity.

Becoming a Works Engineer: a description of the job

Being a Works Engineer means carrying out building, infrastructure and road construction projects. The job consists of carrying out technical studies, determining costs and deadlines, directing the work and ensuring the conformity of the work. A Works Engineer is therefore a conductor capable of coordinating the different trades and organizing the work down to the smallest detail.

Conditions of access to training

To access the training, it is necessary to have a Scientific Baccalaureate and to continue training in an engineering school. The training lasts approximately 5 years and allows you to specialize in the field of public works and construction.

Prerequisites and complete information to access each training or diploma

To access the training of Works Engineer, it is necessary to have a Scientific Baccalaureate and to pass the entrance exams to engineering schools. The best-known public works engineering schools are: Ponts et Chaussées, ESTP, INSA and ENSAM.

It is also possible to follow work-study training to become a Works Engineer and obtain an engineering diploma. This training is accessible to students who have completed a Bac+2 in civil engineering or public works.

Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) is also possible for people who have worked in the field of public works for several years. The VAE allows you to obtain an engineering diploma without having followed training in an engineering school.

Median salary in France and other European countries

In France, the median salary of a Works Engineer is around €40K per year. The salary can go up to €60K for Works Engineers with several years of experience and great expertise in the field.

In other European countries, the salary varies depending on the cost of living and the level of specialization of the Works Engineer. In Germany, the median salary is around €49K per year, while in Spain it is €33K per year.

The tasks of a Works Engineer

– Planning construction projects based on client needs and objectives
– Carrying out technical studies to make quantified and concrete proposals
– Site supervision, management of budgets, deadlines and work teams
– Compliance with current legislation and standards
– Maintenance and quality management of the work

Definitions of technical skills and names of degrees

Definition of Project Management: know how to plan, organize and coordinate the different phases of a construction project while respecting the specifications and deadlines.

Example sentence for cover letter or CV teaser: Having developed project management skills throughout my studies, I am capable of organizing and coordinating all phases of a construction project.

Definition of analysis capability: be able to analyze data and information to draw conclusions and make informed decisions.

Example sentence for cover letter or CV teaser: With great analytical skills, I am able to effectively resolve any problem related to the construction of a building or infrastructure.

Definition of knowledge of standards and guidelines: have in-depth knowledge of construction standards and guidelines and be able to apply them.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: Strongly attached to the quality of works, I have a perfect command of the standards and directives in force.

Definition of site management: know how to manage teams, budgets and resources so that the project is completed on time.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: Perfectly mastering site management, I am able to manage teams, budgets and resources to successfully complete my projects.

Definition of adaptive capacity: know how to adapt to unforeseen events and changes to keep the project on track.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: Adept at adaptability, I adapt quickly to changes in the situation and remain focused on the objective of the project.

Definition of Mastery of Construction Methodology: know the different construction methods and techniques and be able to apply them taking into account the constraints of the land.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: With a perfect mastery of construction methodology, I am able to successfully complete all the projects entrusted to me.

Definition of the Public Works Engineering Degree: The Public Works Engineering Diploma allows you to acquire the skills necessary to carry out building and infrastructure construction projects.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: Graduated in Public Works Engineering, I have acquired all the skills

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