Without diploma? How to Become an Automation Engineer

Definitions of: Automation engineer

Without Training and Without a Diploma? How to Become an Automation Engineer in France?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to become an automation engineer without training or a diploma. The profession requires advanced technical knowledge, particularly in electricity and programming, as well as an in-depth understanding of automated systems.

However, there are training courses accessible without a diploma, such as professional training at CAP or Bac Pro level in electrical engineering or industrial maintenance. It is also possible to take evening classes or online training to obtain the necessary skills.

What are the conditions to be respected to practice this profession without diplomas? Without training?

To practice the profession of automation engineer without a diploma or training, it is necessary to have significant experience in the field. Employers may be willing to hire candidates who have worked in similar technical positions, such as maintenance technicians, electricians, or programmers.

However, most employers require a diploma or specialized training in automation or electricity to practice this profession.

Description in French of the Profession Concerned

The automation engineer is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of automated systems. He/she can work in a variety of industrial sectors, such as automotive, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, food processing or energy.

The work of the automation engineer consists of analyzing the customer's needs, designing a suitable solution, programming the equipment and keeping it in optimal operation. He/she often works in a team with other engineers, technicians and specialized workers.

Conditions of Access to Training

To become an automation engineer, it is generally necessary to obtain an engineering degree or a master's degree in automation, electricity or electronics.

It is possible to access these training courses after a scientific course, preferably by following a preparatory class for the grandes écoles or by directly joining an engineering school. Some universities also offer specialized masters in automation or electronics.

The Prerequisites and Complete and Detailed Information to Access Each Training or Diploma. Can we do a VAE? If yes, how?

The prerequisites for access to engineering or master's courses in automation vary depending on the establishment. In general, it is necessary to have obtained a Bac+2 or Bac+3 level diploma in a scientific field, such as physics, mechanics or energy.

It is also possible to have your professional skills validated through the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) to access training in automation. The VAE allows a candidate to demonstrate their professional experience to obtain a certification or diploma.

Regarding the median salary, the automation engineer can earn between €35 and €000 gross per year in France, depending on their experience and skills. Salary may vary depending on industry sector and company size. In other European countries, the salary also varies depending on the cost of living and the demand for this type of profession.

Description of the job of Automation Engineer

The automation engineer is a highly qualified professional specialized in the design, implementation, management and optimization of automated processes in industries and businesses. He/she works on projects that involve the automation of manufacturing, production and quality control systems.

The projects he/she works on aim to maximize the efficiency, productivity, quality and security of businesses by automating the processes that can be automated. Automation engineers use their engineering, computer science and electronics skills to design and develop electrical control systems, automation systems, sensors, software controllers and communications networks.

Conditions of access to training

To become an automation engineer, it is necessary to follow higher education. Students must have a bac+2, bac+3 or bac+5 level diploma to enter an engineering school or work-study training.

The prerequisites for access to automation training are to have solid knowledge of mathematics, electronics, computer science, physics, mechanics and automation. Candidates must demonstrate strong capacity for analysis, creativity, problem solving, teamwork, organization and project management.

The diplomas

DUT Electrical engineering and industrial computing (GEII)

Definition of: DUT GEII

The DUT GEII is a bac+2 training which allows students to acquire knowledge in electricity, electronics, automation and industrial computing. This training provides students with the skills necessary to enter professional life, but also to train in engineering school.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: “Passionate about electricity, electronics and industrial computing, I am looking for training that guarantees a solid foundation in technology. I chose to specialize with a DUT GEII to acquire the skills necessary to launch my career as an Automation Engineer. »

Professional degree in Automation and Industrial Computing

Definition of: Professional degree in Automation and Industrial Computing

The Professional License in Automation and Industrial Computing is a bac+3 level training. This training allows students to acquire in-depth skills in automation and industrial computing with a view to a position as an automation engineer.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: “Having successfully graduated from a professional degree in Automation and Industrial Informatics, I am now ready to meet the needs of my company in terms of industrial process automation. With my skills in IT and automation, I am ready to take on new challenges as an Automation Engineer. »

Master's degreeAutomation and Industrial Computing

Definition of: Master in Automation and Industrial Computing

The Master in Automation and Industrial Computing is a bac+5 level training. This training allows students to specialize in automation and industrial IT, and to acquire in-depth skills to occupy positions of high responsibility as an Automation Engineer.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: “With my Master in Automation and Industrial Informatics, I am ready to take on the most ambitious challenges in industrial automation. With my skills in mathematics, electronics, IT and automation, I am confident to meet all the challenges of the profession of Automation Engineer. »

Can we do an VAE? If yes, how ?

It is possible to do a VAE (Validation of acquired experience) to obtain professional certification. This alternative is reserved for people who have significant professional experience in the field of automation, but who do not have the necessary diploma.

The procedure for carrying out a VAE consists of validation of the professional career. Professionals must demonstrate their professional experience (2 years minimum) and the relationship of their experience with the skills required for professional certifications. They must also go through theoretical and practical tests to validate the certification.

Median salary in France and other European countries

The median salary of an automation engineer in France is 42k euros per year for a beginner and can reach 80k euros after a few years of experience. Salaries vary depending on the sectors of activity, regions, levels of responsibility and companies that employ engineers.

In Europe, the salaries of an automation engineer vary depending on the country. The highest salaries are found in Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia.

The tasks of an Automation Engineer

– Design and produce automated systems for industrial companies.
– Ensure the maintenance and updating of automated systems.
– Participate in the management of industrial automation projects.
– Provide technical training to teams and users

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