Without diploma? How to Become an Agricultural Engineer

Without diploma? How to become Agricultural engineer

Without Training and Without a diploma? How to Become an Agricultural Engineer in France?

Becoming an agricultural engineer without a diploma or without prior training is extremely difficult, if not impossible, in France. Indeed, this profession requires in-depth knowledge in the fields of agronomy, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, as well as project management and communication skills. The initial training to access this profession is therefore very specific and requires a high level of studies.

What are the conditions to be respected to practice this profession without diplomas? Without training?

It is simply impossible to work as an agricultural engineer without a diploma or training. In France, there are several training courses to access this profession, including:

  • The Agricultural Engineering Diploma (DIA) obtained after 5 years of higher studies (bac+5) in an agricultural engineering school
  • The Master in Agronomy obtained after 5 years of study in science college, followed by a Master in Agronomy
  • The BTS Agronomy obtained after 2 years of training in an agricultural high school

It is also possible to access this profession through the VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience). In this case, the candidate must have a certain number of years of professional experience in the field of agronomy, and prove their skills through work or projects carried out.

The median salary of an agricultural engineer in France is around 3300 euros per month, but can vary depending on experience, training and sector of activity.

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