cover letter: Waiter / Waitress Offer n° 170YDHL

cover letter: Offer n° 170YDHL Waiter / Waitress

Our Examples of cover letters and CV hooks to inspire you for Offer No. 170YDHL Waiter / Waitress, are specifically adapted to meet the criteria requested in this job advertisement. However, we advise you to personalize them to increase your chances of obtaining an interview. Go to France Travail to apply. Offer link provided in this article

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NB: note that job offers generally expire 2 to 3 months after they are posted online.

Example of a cover letter for an experienced candidate profile in response to this job offer:

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Subject (dropdown menu) : Application for the position of waiter at the Palais Breton

Madame, Monsieur,

Holder of a CAP in hotel and catering and with more than 2 years of experience as a waiter in renowned restaurants, I would like to offer you my candidacy for the position of waiter offered within your creperie Le Palais Breton.

During my professional experience, I was able to develop solid skills in reception and customer service, cash collection and room management. I have worked in particular in gourmet restaurants where the service must be impeccable and personalized to satisfy demanding customers.

My professional skills, such as my ability to work in a team, my resistance to stress and my rigor in the execution of tasks, are assets that I will be able to put to good use within your establishment.

Holder of a B license and transported, I am immediately available and flexible regarding the working hours offered. I am convinced that my experience and my motivation make me the ideal candidate for this waiter position at the Palais Breton.

I am at your complete disposal for an interview to explain my background and my motivations in more detail.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my best regards.

[Firstname name]

1) Example of a CV teaser for a beginner candidate profile:

subject: Application for the position of Waiter / Waitress – Offer n°170YDHL

As a young graduate in hospitality and catering, I am enthusiastic about joining the Palais Breton team as a waiter. My training allowed me to acquire the skills necessary to welcome customers, take orders and provide quality service. Motivated and dynamic, I am convinced that my profile meets the expectations of your establishment.

I am available for an interview to convince you of my motivation and my desire to learn and flourish within your team.

2) Example of a CV teaser for an experienced candidate profile:

Subject: Confirmed application for the position of Waiter / Waitress – Offer n°170YDHL

With 2 years of experience in the catering field, notably as a waiter in a renowned establishment, I am interested in the opportunity to join the Palais Breton. My versatility and my ability to manage stressful situations allow me to provide impeccable service to each client. I am convinced that my experience and skills make me an ideal candidate for this position.

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss in detail how I could contribute to the success of your establishment.

3) Example of a CV teaser for a person applying after a professional retraining:

Subject: Application following retraining for the position of Waiter / Waitress – Offer n°170YDHL

Formerly in the finance sector, I recently undertook a career change to follow my passion for catering. With training in customer service and a practical internship in catering, I am ready to put my skills and motivation to good use within your establishment. My sense of welcome, my rigor and my adaptability are assets that I know I can put forward in this new professional challenge.

I remain at your disposal for an interview to discuss my retraining and my motivations for joining your team

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