Cover letter SERVICE AGENT – M/F Offer n° 148RJDX

Cover letter SERVICE AGENT - M/F Offer n° 148RJDX

Model application letter for service agent – ​​M/F, corresponding to the criteria of offer no. 148RJDX published today on Pôle Emploi.

Example of cover letter SERVICE AGENT – M/F adapted to Offer No. 148RJDX

Subject: Application for job offer no. 148RJDX – Service Agent

Mr. Director,

I am submitting my application to job offer no. 148RJDX for a Service Agent position within the Urban Community of Alençon.

With a degree in {My degree that matches the job offer}, I am confident that my skills and professional experience have prepared me to meet the requirements of this position.

During my professional career, I have held similar positions and I know that as a Service Agent, I would be able to:
– Maintain the child’s living spaces and laundry;
– Prepare and give a meal or a drink to the child;
– Support the child in learning the gestures of daily life and the rules of community life;
– Understand the characteristics of cleaning products;
– Observe the child's behavior and development and inform parents, families, teachers;
– Respect domestic safety rules;
– Know HACCP standards;
– Demonstrate a duty of reserve;
– Use correct language;
– Be patient and have good listening skills;
– Master cleaning products and materials;
– Respect the hygiene rules of the cleaned premises;
– Respect safety rules;
– Know how to report;
– Have professional interpersonal skills;
– Have strengths of proposal;
– Demonstrate responsiveness;
– Be able to work in a team.

I wish to put my qualities at the service of your company and contribute to the achievement of the objectives set. I would be honored to discuss with you in more depth the various opportunities available to me in this position.

Please accept, Mr. Director, the expression of my most sincere greetings.


Service agent cover letter 2

Subject: application for the position of service agent – ​​M/F – Reference 29/2023

Sir, Madam,

I would like to send you my application for the position of service agent, as described in your job offer published on February 07, 2023, under reference 29/2023.

Graduated in {My diploma which corresponds to the job offer}, I have acquired a certain number of skills which allow me to meet the requirements of your position.

With significant experience in cleaning and maintaining premises, I also know how to maintain living spaces and laundry, prepare and give a meal and a drink to the child, support the child in learning the gestures of daily life and rules of community life, observe the behavior and development of the child and inform parents, families, teachers. I master HACCP standards and domestic safety rules, as well as respect the duty of confidentiality and correct language.

I have a set of skills that allow me to adequately carry out the tasks assigned to me, including patience, listening skills, sense of initiative and the ability to work in a team.

I am very motivated to give new impetus to my career by joining your team. I am at your complete disposal for an interview to explain in more detail my motivations and my skills.

Please accept, Sir, Madam, the expression of my distinguished greetings.



Offer specifications


61 – ALENCON – Locate with Mappy

Updated February 07, 2023 – offer no. 148RJDX

To apply, it is imperative to send CV and cover letter with reference 29/2023 Applications open until February 28, 2023 Full offer visible on the website Position accessible for civil servants.

To consult the specifics of the offer, copy and paste this offer number 148RJDX into the pole emploi application on the right of our site and launch the search. Note, however, that a job offer on average 1 to 2 months after it is posted online. THANKS

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