Cover letter job offer n°148TKZR ENGINEER/PROJECTOR

Sample cover letter for job offer No. 148TKZR for the position of ENGINEER / ELECTRICAL DESIGNER – CFO CFA (junior). Letter written by our AI.


Subject: Application for the position of ELECTRICAL ENGINEER / PROJECTOR – CFO CFA (junior)


I am pleased to present my application for the position of ELECTRICAL ENGINEER / PROJECTOR – CFO CFA (junior) announced on February 09, 2023 (offer no. 148TKZR) by your company APPROACH PEOPLE RECRUITMENT.

My training in Electricity – CFO CFA and my professional experience have allowed me to acquire the skills necessary to succeed in this position. I am able to develop Electricity plans and diagrams – CFO CFA (from the design phase), as well as calculation/sizing notes. I would be delighted to also get involved during the construction phase.

I have a first experience in Electricity – CFO CFA (internship, work-study or first job), whether in BE design or BE execution (Company or Installer). I am fluent in Autocad and/or Revit, which is an additional asset for the position.

This position appeals to me because it offers a variety of tasks and the potential for progression is very attractive.

I am at your disposal for any additional information for a possible interview.

Thank you for your attention to my application.

Please accept, Sir, the expression of my distinguished greetings.


We have summarized this offer n° 148TKZR ELECTRICAL ENGINEER/PROJECTOR – CFO CFA (junior)

75 – PARIS 08 – Locate with Mappy

Updated February 09, 2023 – offer no. 148TKZR


We are looking for an ELECTRICAL ENGINEER/PROJECTOR – CFO CFA (junior) M/F for our client to work on various projects (housing, tertiary, public and industrial). You will produce the Electricity-CFO CFA plans and diagrams (from the design phase) as well as the calculation/sizing notes. Use of Autocad and/or Revit is required. This position is based in Paris on a permanent basis, with an annual salary ranging from 38000 to 45000 Euros over 12 months.


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