Cover letter job offer n° 148TKKZ-Materialist

Two original cover letters adapted to the job offer n° 148TKKZ-Manutentionnaire published on


Subject: Application for the position of Handler (offer no. 148TKKZ)

Sir / Madam,

I am submitting my application for the position of Handler offered by your company SYNERGIE, as part of the 5-month interim mission.

My training and experience are in line with the requirements of the position. Graduated from {My diploma which corresponds to the job offer}, I was required to carry out handling, loading and unloading tasks of goods, with rigor and reliability.

I would be honored to be able to put my skills at your service and contribute to achieving your company's objectives. I remain at your disposal to meet you and provide you with additional information in support of my application.

Please accept, Sir/Madam, the expression of my best regards.



Subject: Application for the position of Handler F/M (M/F) – offer no. 148TKKZ


I am writing to you today to apply for the job offer for Handler F/M (M/F) which was published on February 09, 2023, in response to advertisement n° 148TKKZ on the website of the job offer

I am qualified for this position due to my degrees and experience in manual parts sorting, bookkeeping and handwriting, and moving bins and pallets. I understand safety instructions and good handling practices.

I am very motivated, reliable and organized and I know that I can be a valuable asset to your team thanks to my rigor and my ability to integrate easily.

I would be happy to discuss in more detail the specifics of this position and how I could help you achieve your goals.

Please accept, Sir, the expression of my sincere greetings.



We have summarized offer n° 148TKKZ Truck driver F/M initially published on pole emploi

SYNERGIE Béthune is looking for a forklift handler M/F for one of its clients in Liévin (62). The role's missions include sorting parts manually, accounting, moving bins or pallets. The duration of the contract is 5 months, and the hourly salary is €11,27 to €13,00 over 12 months. Required skills include loading and unloading goods and products, moving products to the storage area, and sorting and distributing packages as directed.

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