Cover letter job offer no. 148TKKR-General care nurse

Cover letter job offer no. 148TKKR-General care nurse
Subject: Application for offer n°148TKKR – General care nurse F/M

Mr. Director,

I hereby submit my application for the position of General Care Nurse F/M that you are offering within your company, AILE MEDICALE, through your offer n°148TKKR.

Graduated from {My diploma which corresponds to the job offer}, I am applying for this position on a fixed-term contract for a period of 2 months, with variable hours according to the schedule provided by the establishment. My experience as a nurse allows me to be able to provide technical support for staff, to design and implement care protocols, to control the application of QHSE procedures, to control the application of care protocols, to plan the activity of a service and carry out medical care specific to my specialty.

I am aware of the responsibilities linked to this position and I am ready to devote myself fully to achieving the objectives set. I am committed to doing everything possible to provide quality service and to serve the best interests of your company.

I am at your disposal for any interview where I can show you my skills and motivations.

Please accept, Mr. Director, the expression of my distinguished greetings.

Your name and first name


Cover letter job offer no. 148TKKR-General care nurse – Here we have summarized offer no. 148TKKR General care nurse F/M initially published on pole emploi

We are looking for a F/M Nurse for an EHPAD located in the northern sector of Lion d'Angers. Main missions: nursing care, hygiene, monitoring the clinical condition of residents, medical care and multidisciplinary team work. Fixed-term contract of 2 months, 35 hours/week, annual salary between €20512 and €25000. Skills sought: technical support, care protocols, QHSE, planning.

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