cover letter internship request pmsmp

cover letter internship request pmsmp

How to write a cover letter for internship application pmsmp. A cover letter for professional immersion has its own characteristics. Indeed, several candidate profiles may find themselves in a situation of requesting a workplace assessment (EMT). For a student, it is the opportunity to gain their first professional experience. This will be very beneficial to him and will serve as a reference for his future job searches. Other candidates in professional retraining will also most of the time need a PMSMP internship to consolidate their new project. This initiative, which can be personal or encouraged by the employment center during support, will be decisive for them in finalizing their career change project.

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Sample cover letter for internship request pmsmp: to join training

cover letter internship request pmsmp – Case of EMT caregiver cover letter



Hello sir madam.

Please accept my application for a 15-day PMSMP (professional role-playing period) in your company. My goal is to join nursing assistant training which will begin mardi 23 juillet 2024 (remplacer cette date par la date de votre début de formation).

Autonomous, Responsible, and Empathetic by nature, I think I have found my calling in this profession.

Joining your structure will help me plan for my professional future. In return, I could help and assist your team in distributing meals and snacks to patients according to needs or medical prescription. I can also participate in cleaning and disinfecting the premises.

Available and attentive, I will fully invest myself in each mission entrusted, while respecting the directives of the healthcare team, patients and health and safety standards.

By remaining at your disposal for any interview that you deem necessary, please accept, Madam Sir, my respectful greetings.


Your first name, last name and contact address – postal and email)

Your signature (if handwritten letter)

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