Cover letter: STOP AGENT M/F Offer n° 170YCFN

Cover letter: Offer n° 170YCFN STOP AGENT M/F

Our Examples of cover letters and CV teasers can help or inspire you to apply for Offer n° 170YCFN STOP AGENT M/F, are specifically adapted to meet the criteria requested in this job advertisement. However, we advise you to personalize them to increase your chances of obtaining an interview. Go to France Travail to apply. Offer link provided in this article

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NB: note that job offers generally expire 2 to 3 months after they are posted online.

Cover letter for a beginner profile

Subject: Application for the position of Station Agent M/F

Madame, Monsieur,

I would like to send you my application for the position of Station Agent M/F within your company AVIAPARTNER. Having recently graduated as a travel agent, I am motivated to join your team and put my interpersonal skills and sense of contact to good use.

My training allowed me to acquire the necessary skills to collect information concerning flights, check the conformity of documents and carry out boarding operations. I also hold a B license and a good level of English, which perfectly matches the prerequisites of your job offer.

I am convinced that my dynamism, my availability and my ability to adapt will meet the expectations of this position. I would be honored to be able to contribute to the satisfaction of your demanding customers as a Station Agent.

I am available for an interview to explain my motivations in more detail. Pending your return, please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my distinguished greetings.


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CV hook for a beginner profile

Holder of a travel agent diploma, I am motivated to use my interpersonal skills and my sense of contact as a Station Agent within your AVIAPARTNER company.

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