cover letter for life support retraining

cover letter for life support retraining

Example of a cover letter for life support retraining.

cover letter for life support retraining

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Wednesday June 19 2024


I am retraining in the social field, more precisely in the personal assistance service. With a view to joining the DEAVS training and going through pre-training, I am currently in retraining with my experience and the skills from my former position.

X training (replace by X with the name of your training) and after (X by the number of years) years of experience in this field, I would like to put my knowledge and skills at your disposal.

My varied experiences give me a versatile profile and always open to new challenges!

The skills I master are:

  • Listening and relationship techniques
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve a common objective
  • Advise the person in their daily life activities
  • Characteristics of maintenance products
  • Support the person in everyday activities

My attached CV will allow you to assess the suitability of my profile. I remain at your entire disposal for any further information or for an appointment.

While waiting for the next interview, please accept my sincere greetings

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