AES internship application cover letter

AES internship application cover letter

Example of cover letter requesting an AES internship with a structure whose work is close to that of Educational and Social Supporters. The checklist of information to provide in this cover letter is as follows:

  •  The duration of the internship
  • Internship spread period
  • Paid internship or not?
  • Your experience
  • Your motivation. Why did you choose this structure?
  • Training schedule
  • NB: replace the_words_written_in_this_way_by_your_information_and

_personal experiences

AES internship application cover letter

Example of cover letter for AES internship request (educational and social support)

Your first name last name
Your complete address
Phone / Email…

Address of the structure

Saturday July 13 2024

To the attention of the internship manager of Nom_de_la_structure

Madame, Monsieur,

Currently in training as an Educational and Social Supporter, I am asking for your attention today, to ask you for an 8-week, unpaid internship, distributed between the_date_of_the_start_of_the_internship and end_of_internship_date (see training schedule in PJ).

My volunteer experience for_example_for_ARIMC then my replacements for_example_at_Jardins_de_ Meyzieu, as well as my AES internship for_example_at_IES_les_Primévères reinforced my desire to work with a disabled or socially challenged audience.
I would like to discover the “structured” home help provided by your service for_example_of_housing_assistance which I discovered through the CREAI site which specifies that you take interns.

I am applying to your structure to present the “new AMP training” and to bring you ideas through my neutral outlook, my creativity and my youth. In addition, working with the educational, medical and social team seems essential to me. Also, I would like to work in a structure for transdisciplinary exchanges.

My experiences in adapted stays have taught me to support vacationers in their vacation plans. During my year accompanying students with disabilities for_example_at_collège_Marcel_Pagnol I have put in place tools to help my students concentrate and learn differently.

Drawing on these experiences, I want to put my skills and qualities at the service of others; I am asking you to present my motivations to you during a future interview. You will find my CV on PJ.

While awaiting your response, please accept, sir, my most distinguished greetings.

Your Name and Signature

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