Cover letter civic service RECEPTION AGENT Town Hall

Civic service cover letter RECEPTION AGENT

Cover letter civic service RECEPTION AGENT Town Hall. Use this civic service cover letter to inspire you. NB: you should replace the underlined words and expressions with your own information.

Cover letter civic service RECEPTION AGENT Town Hall

This is a model cover letter for civic service WELCOME OFFICER for a spontaneous application. Case of a candidate who would like to gain experience and who is moving towards a local authority service.

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Civic service cover letter RECEPTION AGENT

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Wednesday June 19 2024


Hello sir madam

I am a young graduate, holder of a BTS Customer Relations Negotiation without experience. I would like to do civic service in your town hall to gain experience and also while waiting to continue my studies in September 20xx. 

My choice fell on your community because it seems to me perfectly suited to getting started and helping the public. Having no professional experience, I deliberately chose the reception position because I think I have good communication skills. Indeed, I can clearly transmit information, exchange it, actively listen and receive messages.

I also know how to be open-minded and rigorous. This way, I can carry out tasks by accurately following the rules, procedures and instructions given to me. I also think I am able to convey information accurately. I also have some knowledge of IT tools and some knowledge of how to handle administrative tasks.

I am therefore convinced that the position of reception agent is the one that would suit me best but would study any offer of a similar position.

Madam, Sir, I think I have the required level to adapt quickly to this position and within your team.

I would be happy to give you more details during an interview. I could then explain to you all the motivation that drives me.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, my respectful greetings.


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