Community manager internship cover letter

Community manager internship cover letter

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Community manager internship cover letter

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Friday June 21 2024

Madame, Monsieur,


Looking for community manager internship: Passionate and motivated, I constantly monitor technology. The job of Community Manager interests and attracts me, based on the fact of using a range of web tools that are varied and rich in possibilities.

I have been, in turn, self-employed in Home IT Assistance and a TAI intern. On this last position, my daily tasks were to assemble and disassemble fixed and portable stations, as well as their preparation and installation. I also master data backup and the installation of home printers.

Software Developer TP training – Bac + 2 or equivalent - Computer language and IT Support Technician TP – Baccalaureate or equivalent, certification obtained in an adult training organization ( AFPA).

Madam, Sir, my choice to follow a community manager internship in your company is not the result of chance. Indeed, people around me advised me of your structure and convinced me that you were one of the leaders in this sector. Arousing my curiosity, I then did some research on the Web; Indeed, your company is quite well referenced on the internet, which is a guarantee of seriousness.

So, while waiting to meet you, please believe, Madam, Sir, in the expression of my sincere greetings.


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