Catchphrase resume airport commercial handling agent

Catchphrase resume airport commercial ground handling agent - Examples of catchphrases directly linked to any job offer.

Catchphrase resume airport commercial handling agent

Case in point 1: “I like being in contact with the customer/passenger and I am passionate about the airport sector. I would like to join your company which offers me the opportunity to flourish professionally. »

Case in point 2: “Subject: Application for a position as a Commercial Station Agent.

Madam, Sir, Wishing to join your company and work as a ground handling agent, I am sending you my application in the hope that it will catch your attention. Available immediately. »

Case in point 3: “Having successfully completed my Reception in Transport training at XXXX with the XXXXX company, I would like to send you my application for the position of commercial ground handling agent that you are offering. »

La place de l'Accroche airport commercial stopover agent on CV

Patricia SOLER
23 rue des cerises
Paris, 69008
01 00 00 00 00 
06 00 00 00 00



Dynamic and motivated Commercial Station Agent, I am looking for a stable job in the airline industry, a field in which I have proven myself.



  • 09 / 2012 - 07 / 2013
    Commercial Station Agent – ​​Air France
    Management of reception, check-in, boarding and arrivals. Management of so-called “degraded” situations with customers.


  • 2013
    Additional mention “Reception in Transport” – Baccalaureate or equivalent - Tourism - CFA – Apprentice Training Center


  • English
  • Arab
  • B - Light vehicle
  • EB – Light vehicle + trailer


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