Between Fally and Dadju who is the richest currently

Article: Fally Ipupa vs Dadju: Who is the richest currently?

Fally Ipupa and Dadju are two Congolese artists who have enjoyed great success in the music industry. They both have a loyal fan base and have managed to amass significant wealth through their thriving careers. However, when comparing their current financial situation, it seems that Fally Ipupa is the richer of the two.

Fally Ipupa: The king of Congolese music

Fally Ipupa is a highly accomplished Congolese singer, songwriter and producer. He is considered one of Africa's most influential artists and has a musical career that spans several decades. According to sources, Fally Ipupa has been ranked as the richest Congolese singer in 2023, with earnings estimated between $659,8K and $915,8K. Additionally, in 2014, Forbes ranked him as the 6th richest African musician, a testament to his financial success.

Fally Ipupa has also collaborated with several renowned artists, including Dadju, Naza, Ninho and M. Pokora. His hit songs such as “Likolo” (feat. Ninho) and “Un coup” (feat. Dadju) attracted a large audience and contributed to his growing wealth.

Dadju: An artist on the rise

Dadju, for his part, is also a Congolese artist who has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years. He is known for his hit singles such as “Reine” and “Bobo au coeur”. However, despite his commercial success and growing popularity, it seems that Dadju is not yet as rich as Fally Ipupa.

The sources did not provide precise information on Dadju's current wealth, making a direct comparison with Fally Ipupa difficult. However, Dadju continues to build his career and it is possible that his wealth will increase in the future.


In conclusion, Fally Ipupa is considered the richest of the two Congolese artists, according to available information. However, it should be noted that artists' income and wealth can vary over time based on their commercial success, album sales, touring, and other investments. It is therefore important to closely monitor their career development to obtain accurate and up-to-date financial information.

Opinion from our editorial staff:

During our research, we found that there was a lack of accurate information on Dadju's current wealth. While specific figures were available for Fally Ipupa, it was difficult to find similar data for Dadju. This missing information may make a direct comparison between the two artists in terms of wealth difficult.

It would be interesting to get more recent information on Dadju's income and wealth in order to get a clearer picture of his financial situation compared to that of Fally Ipupa. Current sources do not allow us to draw definitive conclusions about who is currently richest.

It is recommended to regularly check reliable sources such as Forbes and other financial publications for the latest information on artists' income and wealth.

However, it should be noted that an artist's wealth should not be the sole criterion for evaluating their musical success. Both Fally Ipupa and Dadju have managed to make a name for themselves in the music industry and reach a wide audience with their talent and creativity. Their contribution to Congolese and African music cannot be underestimated.

Missing information and solutions:

To fill in the missing information regarding Dadju's current wealth, it is recommended to consult the following sources:

  • Financial publications such as Forbes for information on Dadju's income and net worth.
  • Recent interviews and articles with Dadju where he could discuss his financial situation.
  • Follow music industry news to get updates on Dadju's business successes and his involvement in other lucrative projects.

By regularly reviewing these sources and keeping an eye on developments in Dadju's career, it will be possible to stay abreast of his financial situation and more effectively compare his wealth with that of Fally Ipupa.


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