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  1. Example of cover letter Paramedic / Beginner paramedic / No experience.

Madame, Monsieur,
I introduce myself, [Your First Name] [Your Last Name], and would like to present my application to you for the job offer as an ambulance driver in your establishment.

I have [training] training, supplemented by [possible other training], and I therefore feel qualified to apply for this position. Thanks to my spirit of service and my great motivation, I think I will be able to integrate quickly and live up to the expectations of the position.

Rigorous and concerned about the well-being of patients, my daily goal would be to preserve their living conditions as best as possible. I take pride in offering everyone an impeccable quality of service, I listen and care about everyone's expectations.

I also want to be able to make myself useful, and constantly develop my skills, in order to be able to climb the ladder. Being fulfilled in this position means for me learning, supporting and participating in constructive and concrete actions.

_I am at your complete disposal for an interview to give you further information on my profile. My contact details are attached, so you can contact me at any time if necessary._

I thank you in advance for your attention to my application and wish you an excellent day.


[Your name]

2) Example of cover letter Paramedic looking for a professional contract


Madame, Monsieur,

I would like to send you my application for a position as an ambulance driver with a professional contract. Let me introduce myself: I am a final year student and I would like to pursue qualifying training to give real meaning to my vocation and my professional project.

It's a profession that has always interested me because as a paramedic I can help people who are in distress. My contact with patients and relatives is not only a way of supporting them and assisting them in their needs but also of reassuring them.

I would like to join your team and offer you my skills and experience. I am in good physical condition, as well as excellent organization and availability. I undertake to follow the security protocol and thus ensure my safety and that of others. In addition, I am a conscientious driver and respectful of the rules of the road.

To this end, I am ready to invest myself in order to properly carry out my duties as an ambulance driver within your establishment. I am enthusiastic about participating in regular training to improve my knowledge and stay up to date with medical and safety protocols.

I believe I have the right profile for your position and I would like to meet you personally in order to demonstrate my skills and motivation in more detail.

While waiting for a possible interview, I thank you for the attention you will give to my request.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, my best regards.


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