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The goal of a resume is to be simple, readable and efficient. It must make you want to read and must hold the recruiter’s attention. Recently, we have seen so-called “modern” CV models, very colorful or proposing to insert a photo, flourish. But it is clear that this type of curriculum vitae has a measured impact on recruiters.

Simple CV Presentation

“Simple CV Presentation” offers you to return to a much more efficient CV format, that is to say;

  • a CV made up of a Title, a hook under the Title of the CV, a column “Professional experiences” and a column “Training”. We will then add under the lower part of the CV:
  • the “Competence” column, followed by the “Miscellaneous” column.

These are examples of CVs of this type that we present to you on the site with templates to be edited directly on PDF.

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