Dangote retains his position as the richest person in Africa. Otedola rises in the rankings

Dangote retains position as Africa's richest person as Otedola moves up in ranking (See list)

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Dangote retains position as Africa's richest person as Otedola climbs ranking

Dangote Group, led by Aliko Dangote, maintains its title as the richest person in Africa, with a net worth of $13,9 billion, according to the latest Forbes ranking. However, another Nigerian personality, Femi Otedola, has climbed the rankings and is now ranked 20th among African billionaires in 2024.

Dangote: The richest man in Africa

Aliko Dangote, the CEO of the Dangote Group, continues to dominate the ranking of Africa's richest people. With a net worth of $13,9 billion, he holds the top spot for the tenth year in a row. Its diversified industrial empire, which notably includes activities in cement, sugar and flour, has enabled it to maintain its leading position despite economic fluctuations.

Otedola: Climbs in the ranking

Femi Otedola, chairman of Geregu Power, has seen his wealth increase over the past year, allowing him to climb the rankings of African billionaires. Forbes now ranks him at 20th place with an impressive net worth. Otedola is known for his investments in various sectors including oil, gas and energy.

This progression in the ranking testifies to the economic success and constant growth of Africa. African entrepreneurs continue to thrive and create employment and development opportunities for their communities.

Other African billionaires

Besides Dangote and Otedola, the Forbes ranking of African billionaires 2024 includes an impressive list of successful entrepreneurs and financial figures. These individuals contribute to the African economy and play a key role in creating wealth and jobs in their respective countries.

The complete list of the 20 richest African billionaires can be consulted on the Forbes website or in the press articles mentioned above.

The opinion of our editorial staff

After consulting the various news sources, we found that the articles do not provide enough details on the reasons for Otedola's rise in the rankings. They just mention his new position without giving in-depth explanations.

The sources also do not mention other important factors such as the growth of Dangote Group's business or the specific projects that contributed to the rise in Otedola's wealth.

It would be relevant to have more information on the specific investments and achievements of these entrepreneurs to better understand their success and rise in the rankings.

Further information

To fill these gaps, here is some additional information that might be relevant:

1. When it comes to Dangote, it would be helpful to know the specific factors that contributed to the growth of his net worth over the past year. This could include new investments, acquisitions or expansions of its existing operations.

2. For Otedola, it would be interesting to know more about the specific areas he has invested in and the returns on investment he has achieved. This could include information about its investments in the energy sector, for example.

3. It would also be interesting to have more information on other African entrepreneurs who made it into the Forbes ranking of African billionaires in 2024. What are their specific fields of activity and achievements? How did they manage to reach this position?

By obtaining this additional information, we will be able to get a more complete picture of the situation and better understand the factors that influence the wealth and ranking of African entrepreneurs.

Dangote retains position as Africa's richest person while Otedola rises in ranking (See list)

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