CV catchphrases for professional retraining

CV catchphrases for professional retraining
Catchphrases CV professional reconversion – It is not always easy to explain on the CV and in a few words your professional reconversion. We will now show you some pitfalls to avoid with the title and CV hook.

Professional retraining CV catchphrases: things to avoid

When you create a professional retraining CV, the 2 pitfalls to avoid are the Title and the hook of the CV. If you fail to write these two elements, it is a safe bet that the recruiter will not look at the rest of your CV.

Example 1: Resume retraining to avoid


Currently working as an educational assistant at the JEAN DE PANGE high school in Sarreguemines, I am looking for another job or a professional retraining »

This type of title, “New Job / PROFESSIONAL RECONVERSION” should be absolutely avoided. It sounds like an old advertisement and leaves the recruiter totally indifferent or worse! The catchphrase used under the title really doesn't make up for it.

Example 2: Retraining CV to avoid – Bad Title but good hook


Trained as a nurse, I would like to change direction today and any new work experience will be positive and will help me guide my new professional project. »

The Title of a CV must always give an indication of the profession sought. However, the Title “PROFESSIONAL RECONVERSION” is not a profession, and should therefore be avoided.

Thing to know: a professional reconversion is a project. It can therefore either accompany the Title of the CV, or be explained in the teaser. To help you see things more clearly, here are 3 examples of professional retraining CV catchphrases with suitable titles.
 CV catchphrases for professional retraining

Titles and Catchphrases CV professional retraining 1


I want to flourish in a human-oriented profession where listening, analysis and psychology are essential. Work collaboratively with teams on projects and monitor them for the well-being of the person.

Here, the Title of the CV is accompanied by the retraining project put in parentheses. But more importantly, the CV hook explains in a few words, this new desired orientation.

Example 2 of a good Title and CV retraining catchphrases 


Initially a teacher, I chose to discover the world outside of school and to confront business life. Building on this openness to the world, I then returned to the educational and social sectors, focusing on vulnerable audiences.

The Title and the hook of the CV are clear and clear!

Last example


My professional project is to move towards collective catering; a profession that I discovered during a mission in a hospital service which allowed me to reinforce the need to train myself in order to position myself on the job market

Various other examples containing good Titles and Catchphrases CV professional retraining


Passionate about leather goods, creative and rigorous, I want to discover artisanal leather working techniques in order to evolve in this professional field.


After a 5-year career as a reception and sorting agent, I now wish to reorient myself towards socio-educational work. I am currently a volunteer for a support structure for visually impaired people.


After around twenty years of professional experience, including twelve as a team manager-sales manager, I provide my knowledge and skills to support people undergoing retraining in their professional projects.


Hello, I have an industrial background, I have undertaken a professional retraining with a view to taking the nursing and childcare assistant competitions for September 2017.

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