CV hooks for maintenance agent: immersion internship

CV hooks maintenance agent immersion internship

Maintenance agent CV hooks: immersion internship – If you are not inspired enough to write a cover letter, you can define your immersion project directly on your CV. It is customary to place this presentation under the title of your CV. Here are some examples of catchphrases from maintenance agents requesting an immersion course.

CV hooks maintenance agent immersion internship

CV hooks for maintenance agent: immersion internship

Example hooks 1 maintenance agent:

“In order to confirm my professional project as a premises maintenance agent, I am looking for an implementation period within your company. This period of immersion will allow me to consolidate my project. »

Example hook 2 maintenance agent in immersion:

“Succeed in my professional retraining by fully investing in professional immersion which will allow me to quickly become operational as a maintenance agent. »

Example hook 3 maintenance agent in immersion:

“Currently undergoing professional retraining, I would like to complete 35 hours of immersion within your technical team. This immersion will give me the opportunity to discover the Maintenance Agent profession, before moving towards qualifying training in this field. »

Immersion maintenance agent CV


Rigorous, dynamic and conscientious, I am ready to carry out a professional immersion and to be trained.



  • Since 08/2017
    Service Agent – ​​HSP
  • 10 / 2015 - 06 / 2017
    Ready to wear saleswoman – Alpha B / Ephémère 55
  • 06 / 2007 - 10 / 2007
    VDI saleswoman – Nutrimetics 55
  • 07 / 1996 - 06 / 2000
    Versatile employee in pet store – Truffaut 45
  • 11 / 1995 - 12 / 1995
    Toy seller – Auchan 45
  • 03 / 1989 - 10 / 1994
    Photo and accessories seller – Fnac service 75
  • 10 / 1987 - 07 / 1988
    Toy seller – Printemps haussmann and Samaritaine 45


  • 2012
    CAP EARLY CHILDHOOD – CAP, BEP or equivalent - Early childhood -
  • 1988
    SALES CAP TYPIST MENTION – CAP, BEP or equivalent - Distribution sales -


Store maintenance
Raising awareness of hygiene and safety rules
  • B - Light vehicle

List of skills most in demand for the job of maintenance agent

  • Office maintenance/cleaning agent

  • Mark slippery areas
  • Complete the monitoring materials (time, location, etc.) and inform the contact person concerned of any anomalies observed
  • Define supply needs
  • Clean material or equipment
  • Maintain premises
  • Prepare the appropriate equipment
  • Hygiene and cleanliness rules
  • Maintain a surface, a floor

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