20 resume goals for a student

[tps_header]20 Resume Goals for a Part-Time Student to Inspire You. Dear students looking for a part-time job, here are some examples of resume goals. You can take inspiration from them or use them as is. I tried to include all the profiles.[/tps_header]

20 accroches CV étudiant cherche temps partiel

20 CV goals for a student

Student looking for a part-time job, I am multilingual (speak English, Arabic, Spanish)

“I have IT experience, for example, so I can use the Office Pack and other IT tools quickly and efficiently. The languages ​​I speak help me communicate easily with all customers and employees. I have a very diverse general culture. “

Example 2: Student in conversion?

Part-time job – student job

“As I am currently in the retraining phase, I have taken and received, for example, the DAEU at Angers law school, which was accepted for a license in psychology, so I have to work part-time. Motivated, punctual and rigorous, I can adapt to any type of position. “

Example 3: The student is looking for a part-time 20H / week

Student looking for a part-time job

“I am looking for a part-time job (at least 20 hours per week) to finance my studies. I am punctual, rigorous, loving teamwork and ready to adapt to the specifics of the position you entrust to me in order to be quickly independent in my duties. “

Example 4

Student or part-time job

“To finance my next degree, I’m looking for a student job or a part-time job that fits my schedule. A maximum of 20 hours would be perfect. “

Example 5: Student with work experience

Student in English LLCER. Seller with experience. I am looking for a part-time CDD / CDI

»After for example 2 years at Flying Tiger Copenhagen as a saleswoman, I learned to master all the tasks related to this profession: collection, addition of space, merchandising, opening / closing of shops. I am therefore looking for a new job in this field. “

Example 6

Medical student looking for part-time evening and weekend work

“Motivated student and volunteer looking for a job that can adapt to my schedules (evenings and weekends). After several experiences in delivery and sale at La Poste. I’m looking in the delivery area. But I can also do other professional activities, as an animator. “

Example 7

Looking for a part-time student job.

“As a computer science student in Master 1, my schedule at university leaves me free time, which I would like to use part-time on weekdays, weekends and holidays. After working as a cashier, waitress in a dairy or as a clothes seller, I built a good customer relationship. “

Example 8

Dynamic and motivated student looking for a part-time job

“With more than a year of experience in delivery, I am autonomous and proactive with a good ability to adapt. Available immediately.

Example 9: short, neat and simple CV hook

Job search for part-time students

“Rigorous, smiling and with good interpersonal skills, I am looking for a part-time job. “

Example 10

Student looking for part-time job as a waiter, bartender

“Experience as a bartender as a seasonal worker. “